ObjetFiltresBinTemps PoseNombres PosesTemps Total
NomIc 342Luminance1 x 1400738H12
ConstellationGirafeRouge1 x 1400202H22
Distance11,5 MalVert1 x 1400131H45
Détail prise de vueBleu1 x 1400141H56
LieuCotes de Meuse
S21 x 112013H33
Date acquisition08/11/20161 x 1
SetupO31 X 1
InstrumentSkyvision MTN 250 avec reducer ASA 0,73Totaux118H00
Focale900 mmDark
Rapport F/D2,6Flat
MontureSkywatcher AZ EQ6 Pierro AstroAcquisition faite parStéphane
Caméra acquisitionAtik 490 Ex monoTraitement fait parStéphane
Caméra de guidageStarlight-X Press SuperstarLogiciels utilisés
Montage de guidageDO SkymecaAcquisitionTheSkyX , Focusmax, Maxpilote
Echantillonage1,139 arc/s/pTraitementPixinsight, Photoshop


Similar in size to the large spiral galaxies in our neighbourhood, IC 342 is only 10 million light years away in the constellation of the Giraffe. IC 342 is a hidden sprawling island universe, observable only through the veil of stars, gas and dust clouds of our Milky Way galaxy. Although the light of IC 342 is dimmed and tinted red by the interposing cosmic clouds, this sharp image shows the dark dust of the galaxy, its young star clusters and its pink and bright star-forming regions along the spiral arm that snakes away from the centre of the galaxy. It is possible that IC 342 has experienced a recent peak of star-forming activity. It is close enough to have gravitationally influenced the evolution of the Milky Way, and the local group of galaxies.

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DÉCLINAISON:+68°05′ 45.98s