La Trompe

ObjetFiltresBinTemps PoseNombres PosesTemps Total
NomLa TrompeLuminance1 x 1
ConstellationCéphéeRouge1 x 15′221h83
Distance1440 alVert1 x 15′221h83
Détail prise de vueBleu1 x 15′221h83
LieuMaison-Maugis 61
Appremont-la-Forêt 55
S21 x 120′6421h33
Date acquisition12/05/19 au 03/08/20191 x 120′8327h66
SetupO31 x 120′6421h33
InstrumentNewton Skyvision Mtn 250Totaux16275h83
Diamètre250 mmBias99
Focale900 mmDark19
Rapport F/D3,6Flat11
MontureEQ8 SkywatcherAcquisition faite parStephane-Francis
Caméra acquisitionMorovian G2 4000Traitement fait parFrancis
Caméra de guidageLodestar-Atik 314LLogiciels utilisés
Montage de guidageDO SkymecaAcquisitionTheSkyX , Focusmax, Maxpilote
Echantillonage1,7 arcsTraitementPixinsight, Photoshop


 The Elephant’s Trompe is perfectly recognizable by its shape. It is an obscure nebula contained in the nebula by IC 1396, itself immersed in the heart of a young star cluster.

In astronomy, dark nebulae, obscure nebulae or absorption nebulae are regions where the dust of the interstellar medium seems to be concentrated in large opaque clouds in the visible domain, which are therefore to our eyes as star-poor regions.

Whereas in reality, it is in the inner regions of these dark nebulae that star formation occurs, by gravitational collapse.

The Trumpet Nebula is located about 3000 light years from Earth in the constellation of Cepheus. It is 3 to 5 times the diameter of the full moon in the Earth’s sky. The Trumpet is more than 20 light-years long.


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