NGC 4725-Lotr5

ObjetFiltresBinTemps PoseNombres PosesTemps Total
NomNgc 4725-Lotr5Luminance1 x 15′1058h75
ConstellationChevelure de BéréniceRouge1 x 15′332h75
Distance41MAL-1650 ALVert1 x 15′322h66
Détail prise de vueBleu1 x 15′292h50
LieuCotes de Meuse
S21 x 1
Date acquisitionDu 15/04/20 au 26/06/201 x 120′113h66
SetupO31 X 120′3511h66
InstrumentTakahashi FSQ 106 EDTotaux32H00
Diamètre106 mmBias99
Focale530 mmDark31
Rapport F/D5Flat15
MontureSkywatcher AZ EQ6 Pierro AstroAcquisition faite parStéphane
Caméra acquisitionASI 1600 MM CooledTraitement fait parFrancis
Caméra de guidageStarlight-X Press SuperstarLogiciels utilisés
Montage de guidageDO SkymecaAcquisitionTheSkyX , Focusmax, Maxpilote
Echantillonage1,48 arc/sTraitementPixinsight, Photoshop


NGC 4725 is a barred spiral galaxy of apparent magnitude 9.20, located about 41 million light-years from Earth in the direction of the Berenice Hair constellation. When we look closely at this galaxy, we notice that it has only one spiral arm. Most galaxies, such as the Milky Way, are composed of two or more spiral arms revolving around a central nucleus.NGC 4725 belongs to the category of “Seyfert galaxies”. Seyfert galaxies are active galaxies, spiral or irregular, containing an extremely bright nucleus. This name was given to them in homage to Carl Seyfert, an American astronomer who studied these objects during the 1940s.

Slightly to the left of Ngc 4725, an elongated galaxy Ngc 4747 located 45 million light years away.

Slightly to the right very small, seen almost by the slice Ngc 4712 at a distance almost five times more distant of 200 million light-years, its diameter is 135000 light-years.

Completely on the left is the LoTr 5 planetary nebula discovered in 1980, located 1650 light-years away.


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DÉCLINAISON:+25°30′ 03s