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The equipment is spread over 3 Observatories:

Two Observatories where a Newton 250-900 F/d 3.6 is installed, one on EQ8 at Stéphane’s and the other at Francis’.
An Observatory where a FSQ 106 is installed on an AZEQ6 at Stephane.


The hardware installed in the two observatories is completely identical. Only the autoguiding camera differs. Francis had a 314L atik which he converted into a guidance camera. Stéphane had a Lodestar camera.

This standardisation of the two set-ups allows us to be very efficient. The experience of one benefits the other and vice versa. The two cameras have been positioned at the same angle to within a degree.

Both EQ8 Mounts

Monture EQ8
  • Self-steering: YES
    Mounting: German Equatorial – EQ8-GOTO motorized double axis
    Weight: 26 kg frame + 2 counterweight 10 kg + counterweight bar 2.6 kg
    Battery adapter cable: Cigarette lighter cable supplied 12V DC
    Power supply: 12-16V DC – 5A minimum (optional)
    Model: Equatorial Sky-Watcher EQ8 mount without tripod
    Comes with : SynScan control paddle
    Mechanical characteristics: Belt drive / optical tube mounting: Losmandy type female dovetail (width 76 mm)
    Database: 42,900 celestial objects
    Periodic Error Correction (PEC): YES
    Total weight: 49 kg
    Pointing speed: 3.7° / sec
    GOTO Frame: YES
    Catch-up speeds: From 0.125x to 1x
    Functions : Park, Sync, Backlash, Identification, Tower…
    Tracking modes: Sidereal, Lunar or Solar
    Load capacity: 50 kg
    Adjustment range in Latitude: Between 10° and 65°.
    Adjustment range in Azimuth: ± 10°.
    Counterweight Bar: Diameter 32 mm / Length 40 cm / Weight 2.6 kg
    Pointing accuracy: ± 5′.
    Tracking accuracy: ± 3″.
    ASCOM compatible: YES
    Encoders: NO
    Number of steps: 0.9° hybrid stepper motor
    Resolution per step: 0.03″ (44 million steps)

The two Newton MT 250 telescopes

Skyvision MTN 250
Skyvision MTN 250




Optical formula:Newton

Supplier: SKYVISION France


DIAMETER: 250mm-10″.

DIMENSIONS:H= 864 mm-32” W=373mm=15”

WEIGHT without lens and POW: 12,85kg

Average print run: ~~20mm

Eyepiece Holder: FLI 3”

Corrector: Riccardi-TS 3” Back Focus 65 mm

The two Moravian G2-4000 cameras

Camera Moravian G2-4000

Sensor:KAI 4022


Pixel size:7.4×7.4 µm

Imaging size:15.2×15.3 mm

Download time: ~5.7s

Full sensor capacity:~40000 e

Dark current: 40e/s/ pixel at 40°C

Gain:0.4 e/ ADU (binning 1×1)

Reading noise: 9th RMS (standard reading)

Both Filter Wheels

The Moravian filter wheels are equipped with RJ 45 connectors, which plug into the camera allowing power supply and control via the camera, thus avoiding double cabling of power supply and USB plug.

The set of L,R,V,B filters is a Chroma filter with a diameter of 50mm on Francis’ set-up and 36mm on Stéphane’s set-up.

The S2,Ha,O3 narrowband filters are 3nm Chroma filters with the same diameter.

Roue à Filtres Moravian

Stéphane's Guiding Camera

The Guidance Camera is a Superstar Starlight X Press.

31.75mm diameter with a 6.40mmX4.75mm sensor.

Sony ICX205AL Super HAD CDD sensor.

Autoguiding port with RJ12 plug and direct connection to the USB port of the computer.

The two Optical Dividers


The optical dividers were made by SKYMECA.

It is a Slim version ( 15 mm thickness), which was chosen to have a minimum back-focus.

Its linear guidance of the camera movement is made by two lateral columns.

The realization is hyper-soigné.

DO skymeca

Francis' Guiding Camera

The Guide Camera is an Atik 314 L.

It is equipped with the highly sensitive Sony ICX 285 AL sensor with 6.45×6.45 µm pixels.

The size of the sensor is 1391×1039 pixels.

It is equipped with an RJ 12 autoguiding port.

Atik 314L


The AZEQ6 Mount

Monture AZEQ6 Pro Go-To
    • .AZ-EQ6 Mount GTSynScan Motorized dual-axis with automatic “Go-To” pointing
      Choice of equatorial and altazimuthal operating modes.
      Maximum load capacity:19 kgs.
      Optimal load capacity in astrophotography: 16 kgs.
      Permanent Periodic Error Correction (PPEC)
      Stepper motor resolution :0.144 arc/sec
      Encoders:2Xoptical (patented design) on AD and DEC axis
      Brass gear wheel AD and DEC -diameter 92.5 mm, 180 teeth.
      Worm in steel AD and DEC.
      Axes:In steel AD and DEC-diameter 40 mm.
      Latitude adjustment 10° to 70°(equatorial) or 90°(altazimuthal).
      Azimuth adjustment: +/- 9°.
      SynScan v5 control racket with 42900 common celestial catalogue objectsys.
      Traversing speed up to 3.4°/sec-Catching from 0.125x to 800x- Tracking mode: Sidereal, Lunar or Solar.
      Weight head only 15 kgs- Height of the mount:41 cm.
      Dovetails; 2 female slots compatible Losmandy and Vixen.
      25 mm diameter counterbalance bar with no play clamping system and additional 150mm extension.
      Counterweight;2×5.1 kg.
      Integrated and adjusted illuminated polar fleece visor (by us, on each frame)
      Requires 12V DC power supply (optional) with screw connector. Cigarette lighter adapter cable supplied.
      Pointing accuracy: ± 5′.
      SNAP” port on 3.5mm stereo jack type mount + 2.5mm jack adapter cable supplied for Canon EOS type E3.

The Telescope

The Acquisition Camera

Caméra Asi 1600-Pro

The Filter Wheel

DO Starlight XPress

This accessory for the Starlight X Press filter wheel is perfect for precise, flex-free guidance.

The slim assembly screws directly onto the face of the Wheel and adds only 13 mm to the rear focal length of the wheel.

The 10X8mm prism fully illuminates the Lodestar guide CCD and the axis can be adjusted to optimize the image quality of the guide.

An alternative filter wheel front plate for direct mounting of the SX H18 and M26 cameras is also available (not suitable for other SX cameras as the OAG cannot focus for these without the camera adapter in place).

The optional variable guide head extension of 20mm is useful when using a guide or non-Starlight Xpress imaging cameras to ensure that both cameras can be focused at the same time.

The LRVB Filter Sets are Chroma brand unmounted 36 mm.

The SHO Filter Sets of the same brand are in 5 nm.

The management of the engine is done by the Skycenter from Pierro Astro.