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Newton Skyvision Stéphane Observatory

Observatory FSQ 106 Stéphane

Newton Skyvision Francis Observatory

The observatory is in two parts:

The part on the left is an old woodshed, which I converted into a technical room. I spent a few nights there learning about the sky, the hardware, the software… . To open the observatory, I had installed a pulley and a rope.

I was doing astrometry, from one night to the next with a layer on the computer screen.

Then little by little we automated what we did manually. So we buy new software that we take in hand with the tutorials found on the net, Sky X, Focusmax…and additional hardware: sliding gate engine, IPX, All Sky camera and surveillance, Cloudwatcher.

And finally we supervise the whole thing with the excellent software, Max Pilote by Laurent Bourgon.